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Thursday, April 22, 2021

About Us




A Registered Community Based Organization



Persons who do not fit into the socially constructed gender binary and the heteronormative

sexual behaviour, those who identify themselves as transgender, Kothi, Hijras have been facing

tremendous violence and discrimination in our society which is plagued by the patriarchal

mindset. It has been quite challenging to grow up as an individual with all dignity, rights and

equal opportunity for a gender-unidentified person and a person having a different sexual

orientation. This group of people are unwelcome, and unaccepted in the family and in all other

sections of a larger society as a result of which they have become the victim of rampant

violence and discrimination. Most often they left with no other choice but to commit suicide or

begging / sex work for living. The situation in the rural areas are even worse.

Given that back in 2009, a few transgender / gender variant persons based at Cooch Behar,

North Bengal used to regularly meet and share their own stories of struggle and painful lives in

order to vent out their pain and find solidarity in each other. Gradually more people were

added to the informal group. Their ideas and thoughts started taking shape, they got enough

strength from each other to collectively fight against the discrimination and violence inflicted

on them. This solidarity group eventually turned out to be a community based organisation

(CBO) back in 2011.

The CBO was named Moitrisanjog, meaning “a network to connect friends”. Thus, the

Moitrisanjog Society got officially registered under Society Act as a CBO in the year 2011. The

society is committed to protest the violence against the queer community. The main objective

of our society is to provide a supportive network to ensure that everyone from the queer

community gets equal opportunity, rights and entitlements to grow as a human being with

dignity and respect. Our society strives to provide financial security to the community through

establishing alternative livelihoods such as the craftsmanship program. We also provide the

community members with health, counseling and legal-aid services. We advocate for equal

access to education, employment etc. Besides, we organise awareness programs in the larger

society to fight against discrimination and violence.



The organization visualizes a scenario in the near future where trans-people, hijras, gays and

lesbians will live with respect and dignity and as equals in society.


The mission of the organization is to reach out to people in Coochbehar who are transgender or

gender variant and mobilize them to protest against socio-domestic violence. The mission also

includes developing solidarity networks in society to sensitize them to issues faced by these

marginalized communities and advocate for social protections such as access to healthcare and