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The mission of the organization is to reach out to people in Coochbehar who are transgender or gender variant and mobilize them to protest against socio-domestic violence.

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The mission also includes developing solidarity networks in society to sensitize them to issues faced by these marginalized communities and advocate for social protections such as access to healthcare and employment.

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  • Livelihood Initiative

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  • Community Development Program

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  • Community Shelter

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Friday, April 23, 2021

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 Address Details

Contact details of the organization

Arindam Das 
C/o , Moitrisanjog Society 
vill , Gangaler Kuthi 
Post , Gheghirghat pin , 736134 
Dist , Cooch Behar 
Contact no , 7063418696

Website - www.moitrisanjog.in

Contact # +91 7063418696
Email - moitrisanjog2011@gmail.com

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 Payment Details




Account no : 32937649679 
State bank of india 
Branch New Town coochbehar 
Branch code : 15951 
IFSC code : SBIN0015951
UPI: 7063418696


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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Media Report

                                                   Moitribarta Magazine opening 2015 

                                                  Moitribarta Magazine opening 2015 

                                                                Covid-19 relief work 

                                              Covid-19 relief work community kitchen

                                                               Covid-19 relief work

                                      Transgender community harassment issues
                                                                         Life story
                         Documentary Film screening in IOWA University (USA) Report

                                                              Christmas day celebration



 Activities of the organization:

Since its inception, the organization has carried out regular community mobilization and

strengthening events, advocacy meetings, rally and road shows with the objective of creating

mass awareness about the community etc. We have been regularly involved in the following

activities -

Annual lecture: We release our annual Moitribatra magazine at the annual lecture and invite an

eminent speaker to give a keynote lecture on a specific issue. The lectured is followed by a Q&A

session with the audience.

Livelihood Initiative: We hold setal pati mat making training with transgender communities

across the Coochbehar district with our 5 specialized trainers. Setailpati is a long time artistic

tradition from the region and we sell our projects at a weekly setalpati market with our self

help group, Tanaporen. and we are doing catering services and beautician course to make our 

community self reliant.

College program: Statistics show that most transgender kids drop out from school when they

are in the 5th or 6th standard. We work with school children from the 9th standard and college

student unions on sensitization about the issues faced by the transgender kids with a focus on

anti-bullying. We also have psychiatrists in our workshop who say that being a transgender is

not a mental health issue as this is a myth by a lot in the general population.

Focus group discussion: We work with 3 peer educators in 8 field zones in the Coochbehar

district bimonthly. We have our meetings under as a tree or near a pond to discuss how to

reach the hidden population within the community for support, health support such as

providing information on HIV, blood tests and sexual safety from STDs and HIV and how to get

legal service access.

Health service: We collaborate with the district and block hospital in Coochbehar district with

the Integrated Counselling and Testing Center(ICTC) and HIV department. We bring members to

get HIV tests and if positive, we help them manage the disease with linking with Antiretroviral

Therapy (ART) center in the hospital and follow up on a regular basis with our members to

ensure that they are not facing harassment when they go to get treated by the doctors and

health staff.

Sanjog Sohayota Kendro ( A temporary shelter for the community members):

Our short term shelter is open for 24 hours and it has two primary roles -

1) Our transgender and gender variant community members facing danger or who are

ostracized by their families can stay at the shelter for 10 days with food and accommodation.

During this 10 days, we mediate with their house with legal, health and psychiatric services as


2) This is a safe space where our members are free to be themselves and can come here to

dress up for various cultural programs. We have programs such as film screenings and issue

based discussions here.

Community meet: We have our annual meet with members across the Coochbehar district in a

hilly region where we spend the whole day together sharing our lives and eating together. We

also have picnics to welcome new members at the shelter.

Cultural events: We have quarterly cultural functions where we like to dress up, sing, dance

and recite poetry with all our members. We also have fashion shows where members dress up


walk the ramp and we give prizes. We hold quarterly theater workshops in collaboration with

local theater groups to highlight the violence faced by our community via street drama. Our

members participate in bishori jatra (folk drama inrural Bengal) for roles by the transgender

community such as Shiv, Parvati and Manosha, Madol puja (where transgender community

people participate the day after a marriage to bless the couple) and Charak puja (the

transgender community members generally play the role of Parvati). Our society supports these

cultural events with costumes and makeup for our members.

Farming activity: ​We have leased 2 bigha land to grow cane plants for making our setal pati

livelihood mats by our members. Growing the cane plant and harvest for our mats will give us a

better profit margin for our livelihood initiative.

Co-operative Fund: Considering the expensive healthcare facilities and the emergency situation

often faced by our community members we have recently decided to form co-operative fund

with the monthly contribution from our members so that we can provide with low-interest

loans to the members on their emergency needs.

A day care center for the children of sex workers: This is a new initiative for us to successfully carry

 out this work learn and grow as an organization to extend support all the marginal section of the

 society. We are running a daycare center for the children of sex workers where we are providing the

 children with basic educational support, and other soft skill like painting, dancing etc.